HTML 5 Highlights

August 5th, 2009

New Features Supported: Structural Tags
New Features Inconsistently Supported: Canvas Offline, Native Video, Geolocation APIs

Doctype is now a simple <!DOCTYPE html>

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Common structural divs are now their own tags.
Here are the self explanatory ones:
<div id=”header”> is now <header>
<div id=”nav”> is now <nav>
<div id=”footer”> is now <footer>

Tags that need a little clarification:
According the HTML 5 spec, a section is a thematic grouping of content, typically preceded cheap cialis by a header tag, and followed by a footer tag. But sections can also be nested inside of each other, if needed.

WHATWG notes, the article element should wrap “a section of content that forms an independent part of a document or site; for example, a magazine or newspaper article, or a blog entry.”

You can have more than one article tag on a page and each article can also be broken into sections using a section tag. This is very similar to how CMS systems like Joomla specify content but be careful when planning you structure in HTML 5 so as not to create a tag sea.

Text in parentheses, annotations, pull quotes, inline footnotes or sidebar content would all fall under this tag.

Making it compatible with older browsers
If you need to support legacy browsers you need a fix because they won’t apply CSS to them. To fix it you need to apply some JavaScript using the createElement method and add it to the head of your HTML 5 file. Don’t worry about specifying the MIME type because in HTML 5 all scripts are assumed to be type=”text/javascript” which means there is no need to waste your time with attributes anymore.


To learn more about HTML 5 features and to see it in action check out HTML 5 Gallery

Bad Economy? Reign in the Spending? Heck No. This is Silicon Valley

July 12th, 2009

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Let the good times roll.  This photo was taken yesterday by my wife at the Macy’s in Valley Fair.  I don’t think I have ever seen a store more looted.  Not even in the days before Christmas.  A buy cheap propecia few people must be confident about their financial future.

On the other hand, the place kind of looks looks like one of those hardware stores in Florida just before the hurricane hits.  I can image a reporter standing in the middle of this melee saying,

As California stands on the brink, citizens stockpile staples.  There is no telling when these poor people will be able to buy another pair of pseudo designer pumps.

Firefox 3.5 – Better, Faster, Stronger

July 1st, 2009

Leave it to open source to keep-up with buy cheapest online place viagra the latest and greatest. With the release of Firefox 3.5 Mozilla has kept pace with what today’s websites are dishing out. With websites becoming more more and more like full applications the need for speed and power is apparent. So Firefox 3.5 got a power boost with the brand new TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine. TraceMonkey allows JavaScript code to render on par with native code according to Mozilla’s VP of Engineering Mike Shaver.

Another important update is that Firefox 3.5 supports the new specifications for HTML 5. Eventhough HTML 5 isn’t slated to be finalized for another year it’s already being implemented by the latest browsers. Because of HTML 5 support Mozilla has used another open source brethren, Ogg, to replace proprietary video viewing solutions. This means no proprietary plug-in is needed to view video or listen to songs online if you have the latest version of Firefox. Website publishers can place video as easily as any other graphic and it will play smoothly in Firefox 3.5.

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Here at Nimbletoad we like to see our favorite internet browser isn’t daunted by the proprietary competition! Innovation always inspires us to look for ways that we can become more nimble.

For a full review of Firefox 3.5 latest capabilities visit webmonkey

Billy Mays – A Master Presenter of Functionality

July 1st, 2009

So I guess the myth that celebrity deaths comes in threes has been dispelled with the recent news that TV pitchman Billy Mays died Monday, June 29th. What brought Billy Mays TV buy cialis pill pitchman celebrity status? After meeting Max Appel, Orange Glo International founder, Mays was recruited to demonstrate on shopping networks for the company. It was pretty evident what Appel saw in Mays’ delivery style. Not only was his enthusiasm infectious but he showed you why it was such a great product. Billy Mays, another great example of why functionality comes first.

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Attention Citizens of the Web: Join the open source revolution!

June 28th, 2009

Although FrontPage has been out of development since 2006 many people still use it despite the headaches and limitations. Microsoft’s replacement software, SharePoint and ExpressionWeb are even more complicated and designed to only work well with other Microsoft programs and servers. When we show people our open source solutions it is like the blinders have been lifted. Web development built on open source frameworks frees clients of the proprietary shackles and allows their web presence to flourish freely.

Open source CMS such as Joomla, Drupal and WordPress have become powerful web development tools because of the freedom of instant collaboration. Developers can construct websites with the peace of mind that they will work while still being able to customize the design to fit the clients aesthetic. Not to mention the infinite possibilities for customization with independent PHP programs one can develop to plug into these CMS sites.

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Functionality first, design second. This really is what we want in everything, the only exception to the rule is art because the aesthetic is it’s function. Today websites are focusing on functionality first because frankly we don’t have the attention span for the theatrics of an all Flash site. We have become a society that is plugged in everywhere and connected virtually at all times. That is what makes the worldwide community of idea cheap viagra sharing and collaboration known as open source all the more important. Open source allows our websites, blogs, and social networking to operate across all our media gadgets. Proprietary programs just don’t have the functionality, freedom and speed we need in today’s media market. ###

How to avoid innovation

June 24th, 2009
  1. Innovation rarely occurs on the well worn path. Instead of climbing cialis rx on someones shoulders and looking for new routes, simply follow.
  2. Hire someone who is ready to hit the ground running. There is a good chance they are running headstrong towards mediocrity.
  3. Hire a focus group.
  4. Form a development team.
  5. Hire an “A” player that has done something similiar before.
  6. Write a proposal.

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