Firefox 3.5 – Better, Faster, Stronger

Leave it to open source to keep-up with buy cheapest online place viagra the latest and greatest. With the release of Firefox 3.5 Mozilla has kept pace with what today’s websites are dishing out. With websites becoming more more and more like full applications the need for speed and power is apparent. So Firefox 3.5 got a power boost with the brand new TraceMonkey JavaScript Engine. TraceMonkey allows JavaScript code to render on par with native code according to Mozilla’s VP of Engineering Mike Shaver.

Another important update is that Firefox 3.5 supports the new specifications for HTML 5. Eventhough HTML 5 isn’t slated to be finalized for another year it’s already being implemented by the latest browsers. Because of HTML 5 support Mozilla has used another open source brethren, Ogg, to replace proprietary video viewing solutions. This means no proprietary plug-in is needed to view video or listen to songs online if you have the latest version of Firefox. Website publishers can place video as easily as any other graphic and it will play smoothly in Firefox 3.5.

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Here at Nimbletoad we like to see our favorite internet browser isn’t daunted by the proprietary competition! Innovation always inspires us to look for ways that we can become more nimble.

For a full review of Firefox 3.5 latest capabilities visit webmonkey

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