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Function and art – the key to great buildings and websites

Wednesday, August 6th, 2008

What I love most about architecture is its duality between function and art. At first glance one sees a functional staircase, but under closer inspection the architect’s artistic vision comes forth. Notice how this staircase in the chicago museum of contemporary art not only serves to funnel people up the floors of the exhibit, but also serves as a frame for the koi pond below.

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Website architecture is no different. Vistors to the site must first enjoy the function. Placing artistic vision first can kill a website. Anyone that viagra super active online has ever had to stumble through a motion filled flash site can testify to this.

At nimbletoad functionality always comes first.

Creativity? Where does it fit in?

Monday, April 14th, 2008

So, if functionality is first, and relevancy is second, Where the hell does creativity fit in?

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Simply. It doesn’t.

At least not in this chain. Creativity is the over-arching principle buy female viagra that guides.

It is creativity that guides our elegant, functional designs.

It is creativity that allows relevance to resonate.

Without creativity function would only be an idea, relevance only an abstract. It’s creativity that gives life.

So… Now your website is functional. What's next?

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

You’ve got your website dialed in. Visitor’s can fly from page to page. Navigation is intuitive and the pages are served up instantly.


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So your site now does what its supposed to do. What’s next? While a clumsy website will kill your web prescence and hinder your business, a dialed one does not guarantee success. how much to buy viagra in pounds It is only your ticket to the game.

The next step is to make it relevant. Relevancy is the key to everything in business. In order for someone to interact and eventually give you money, they have to feel that your site, services, or products are relevant.

Functionality might come first at Nimbletoad, but relevancy is a close second.